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Update Billabong Pipe Masters ASP World Title

Billabong Pipeline Masters

Billabong Pipeline Masters (Photo credit: Frants)

English: Banzai Pipeline

English: Banzai Pipeline (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

BANZAI PIPELINE, Oahu/Hawaii (Sunday December 9, 2012)  The Billabong Pipe Masters in memory of Andy Irons ran a marathon 22 heats today, competed in six to eight foot waves at the Banzai Pipeline.

The final stop on the 2012 ASP WorldChampionship Tour (WCT), the Billabong Pipe Masters ran it’s consecutive day of competition with the events top seeds hitting  the water and the 2012 ASP world title on the line. 

Sebastian Zeitz Claims Vans Triple Crown.

Kelly Slater, Joel Parkinson and John John Florence are all in  reach of winning the world title.  Kelly Slater and Joel Parkinson both won their heats today.  John John Florence lost his heat to Sebastian Zeitz.  San Clemente’s Kohole Andino won his heat today against Brett Simpson.

For more information go to http://aspworldtour.com