Road Trip Gallery


Patrick and Ronnie-Los Osos, CA-Patrick and Lorraine made a delicious steak dinner!!  November 2012

20121111-135253.jpg 20121111-135327.jpg 

20121111-135351.jpg 20121111-135316.jpg                                                                             Sally(she doesn’t listen) in Lorraine’s kitchen.

From Patrick and Lorraine’s  house, we drove north through Morro Bay..

20121111-135400.jpg 20121111-135411.jpg 20121111-135445.jpg 20121111-135453.jpg

Morro Bay is a small  beach community.      

It is simple and laid back with it’s docks full of boats on one side and green grass and trees on the other side. Morro rock  IS a popular beach break for the local surfers.  It is definitely a summer resort town.

20121111-135509.jpg 20121111-135523.jpg 

We took the scenic route drove up the coast on highway 1.

20121111-135531.jpg 20121111-135557.jpg 20121111-135619.jpg 20121111-135640.jpg 20121111-135658.jpg 20121111-135709.jpg 

We took our time and enjoyed the scenery of coast.

20121111-135717.jpg 20121111-135729.jpg 20121111-135739.jpg 20121111-135745.jpg

We pulled to the side and looked over the cliffs and just took in the view.

20121111-135754.jpg 20121111-135803.jpg 20121111-135813.jpg 20121111-135819.jpg

We drove some more….

20121111-135829.jpg      20121111-135837.jpg

Annie took shotgun and we drove some more…


Sally took the wheel and we drove some more…


Fish out of water! We arrived to fresh snow fall from the previous night!!

20121112-083312.jpg     20121112-083338.jpg    20121112-114758.jpg20121112-083349.jpg    20121112-083358.jpg     20121112-114750.jpg   20121112-114829.jpg

We then arrived to our room with this view.

20121112-130350.jpg  20121113-185553.jpg  20121113-185601.jpg

We played in the casinos and won!  Ronnie always wins! Indee was a big winner that night! “Nice Smile(she never smiles) Indee!” That’s o.k she’s a student and full time worker, smiling is hard to come by during finals! “WINNING SMILE IN A CASINO PRICELESS!

20121113-185609.jpg  20121113-185615.jpg  20121113-185622.jpg   20121114-005829.jpg 20121114-005844.jpg  20121114-010001.jpg  20121115-182436.jpg

While the sun was still shinning we walked in the snow. Some stayed in to look at the snow.

20121115-182459.jpg    20121115-182516.jpg

20121115-182531.jpg  20121115-182545.jpg  20121115-182600.jpg  20121115-182611.jpg

They walked some more…

20121115-182622.jpg  20121115-182631.jpg

We came to this park and walked some more.

20121115-182644.jpg   20121115-182707.jpg  20121115-182719.jpg   20121115-182727.jpg

Above to the right is Heavenly, Lake Tahoe.


20121115-183515.jpg   20121115-183534.jpg  20121115-183548.jpg  20121115-183607.jpg  20121115-183622.jpg 20121115-183632.jpg

Road Trip Los Osos Morro Bay , Ca  2/2013

Road Trip Los Osos, Ca 2/13


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