Local Beaches


San Clemente- Ca

  • North Beach-Parking lot, Restroom Concessions, Level easy
  • Dije Court-Street parking, no facilities Long Steep stairs
  • Lower Trestles-– World renown surf spot. surfing Best conditions;-SWELL– S, SW; also W,WNW SIZE: shoulder high to double overhead and don’t forget about the occasional bombs coming through WIND : E.NE TIDE– Medium-low to medium high
  • Upper Trestles-surfing, Best ConditionsSwell-S,SW ALSO W, WNW SIZE-shoulder high to double overhead WIND E,NE Tide-medium high to medium low
  • Middles-Trestles-surfing Best Conditions;Swell S,SW also W,WNW Size shoulder high to double overhead Wind E,NE Tide medium low to medium high
  • Cottons– Trestles-surfing, Best Conditions: Swell S,SW Size-shoulder high to double overhead Wind E,NE Tide low
  • Church-surfing Best Conditions; Swell-S,SW,W Size shoulder high to double overhead Wind E,NE Tide-medium-high
  • Trails-surfing, day use, camping, south side Best Conditions Swell-S,SW,W,NW Size-shoulder high to double overhead Wind E,NE Tide medium low to medium high
  • San Onofre – San-O, Old Man’s, Dog patch, point –Best Conditions: SWELL: SW SIZE: waist to head high WIND: E TIDE: medium-SURF/FAMILY/DOG FRIENDLY
  • State Park( Calafia) parking lot, full facilities-family,surf, swim
  • Mariposa- Surfing,limited sand, street parking, no facilities
  • 204 -Surfing, street parking, no facilities, long step stairs
  • Linda Lane-family beach, playground surfing(pier, t-street, 204’s) walking distance, restrooms, close to pier snack bar, meter parking, local restaurants
  • Corto Lane(2nd spot)- Street parking, restrooms, long stairs, behind lifeguard HQ
  • San Clemente Pier(Pier Bowl)-Main Beach, parking lot, full facilities, pier , surfing
  • T-Street – Best Conditions- SWELL: WNW, W, SW SIZE: head-high WIND: E TIDE-low-SURF,FAMILY,PLAYGROUND, parking stalls
  • Los Alamos ( Lost Winds)- street parking, no facilities, steep path
  • Riviera– Surfing- Street parking, no facilities, short stairs
  • Pooche- surf,family

Dana Point, Ca

  • Doheny State Beach-boat yard-great place to learn to surf, long-boards, paddle boards; Best Conditions: swell-S,SW size-waist to head high -wind-NE-picks up Santa Ana s well tide-Medium-watch out for exposed rocks.
  • Strands free parking, tram service available-surf/swim beach
  • Salt Creek– meter parking, snack bar, family beach- Best Conditions: swell-S,SW,W,WNW size- a couple feet overhead wind-E,SE,S tide-med. to med high, take the line at the point
  • Capistrano Beach  Enjoy volleyball, basketball and other beach activities. During the summer months, a concessionaire offers fishing gear rental and sales, food and beverages and beach supplies.
  • One of California’s most romantic spots is also one of its most historical. This area bears the name of American author Richard Henry Dana who marveled at its beauty in the mid-1800s while on his famed voyage, recounted in “Two Years Before The Mast.” The harbor provides anchorage for over 2,500 pleasure craft, yet is much more that a boating facility. The Orange County Marine Institute offers an opportunity for marine study and discovery. Recreational amenities include a park, a calm water swimming beach, fishing pier and a variety of restaurants and shops catering to the casual visitor and boating enthusiast. Sport fishing and Catalina Island excursions are available year-round, with whale-watching trips scheduled seasonally.

Laguna Beach, Ca

Photos of Main Beach, Laguna Beach
Main Beach
Laguna Beach, Ca
Laguna Beach Surfer
Laguna Beach, Ca

This photo of Main Beach is courtesy of TripAdvisor

  • Main Beach-Popular tourist family beach, playground, swimming, beach volleyball courts, basketball courts boardwalk downtown shops, restaurants
  • 1000 Steps– South Laguna, swimming, volleyball, skim boarding
  • Anita- swimming, skim, boogie board, family beach
  • Aliso Creek-family beach, meter parking, skin board, swimming, snack bar-Best Conditions-skin boarding, breaks on shore
  • Brooks Street– surfing, swimming ,family beach-Best Conditions-Swell-S-Size-double overhead-infamous third reef breaks Wind-E Tide-medium
  • Oak St-family beach, surfing, swimming
  • Thalia St-family-family beach, surfing, swimming
  • Rockpile– surfing
  • St. Ann’s– Family beach, surfing, swimming
  • Sleepy Hollow-family beach, swimming, surfing
  • Crescent bay– North Laguna; family beach, swimming, boogie boards, body surfing
  • Crystal Cove-aka El Morro– North Laguna; state park family beach surfing, swimming, tram to beach, paid parking 15.00/day use. camping available