Billabong XXL Big Wave Awards 2012

2012 Billabong XXL Big Wave Awards

First Place: Shane Dorian,  Hawaii   $50,000

        Second Place: Shawn Dollar, Santa Cruz, Ca  $5,000

        Third Place: Greg Long, San Clemente, Ca.    $1,500

        Fourth Place: Dave Wassel, Hawaii $ 1,500

         Fifth Place: Reef McIntosh, Hawaii  $1,500

San Clemente surfer misses $50,000 Reward. 

  San Clemente surfer Greg Long was among five nominees for a wave he rode in Jaws off Maui in October.  The Ride of the Year Award was the highest payout and most coveted of the night.  It wasn’t announced until the end of the awards ceremony at City National Grove of Anaheim.  

Pro surfers, industry leaders in jeans and T-shirts walked around drinking beers while tanned model like women in evening dresses clutched their arms.  paparazzi flashes captured the surfer’s smiles.  During the ceremony videos of the surfers skimming down huge waves elicited oohs, ahs and cheers from the audience.

Though he didn’t get Ride of The Year, Long won the Surfline Best Performance Award,that came  with a $5,000 Award.  In a pre show interview Long brushed aside any competitive feelings among surfers. ” There’s no competition.  There’s so much respect and camaraderie among all of us, and we are all looking out for  each other,” Long said. “when you are out there surfing those are the farthest things from your mind.

  Long predicted Hawaiian surfer Shane Dorian would win the top prize for his run at Jaws one day before Long’s attempt, and he was right.  Shane Dorian wins Billabong XXL Award 2012 and the Pacific Tube Award.

    Santa Cruz surfer Shawn Dollar set a world record for the biggest wave for a swell he rode off the coast of california at Cortes Bank in December.  Dollar went home with the record recaptured and both the $20,000 Pacific Paddle Award and the $10,000 Billabong Big Wave Award under his belt.

See you at the beach!

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