CBBH Photo Challenge: Framed


CBBH Photo Challenge: Framed

This month’s theme : Framed

One way of adding interest to a photograph is to use another object within the composition of a photograph to frame the main subjectThis technique brings depth to the photograph by giving the illusion of more than two dimensions and also serves to focus the viewer’s attention on what the main subject is.

The “frame” might be a window, a bridge, an arch, an over-hanging tree or anything else you want it to be.

sunset 038

T-Street Bridge   San Clemente, Ca

sunset 039

San Clemente, Ca. Sunset

sunset 018

T-Street bridge  frames San Clemente Pier at  sunset. in background.


Linda Lane beach entrance, San Clemente, Ca

For participation rules click here: CBBH Monthly  Photo Challenge: Framed.  This challenge requires each post to introduce two blog sites to the blogsphere.  It also asks us to click on two new sites when we visit CBBH Photo Challenge.  So here are my two blogs

1“Gypsy Life discovering your own backyard.”  

Gypsy woman has traveled all over the world with a camera in her hand.  I always enjoy her comments, because they are so cool.”  For example, I posted a photo of a tree house  for another photo challenge, she commented to me about how she had stayed a week in a tree house in a rain forest !! She is so cool.  Go here: “Gypsy Life discovering your own backyard.

2.  Chris’ Qigong Experience:

This blog is about a woman who has a partner with a chronic disease.  She blogs about her new way of thinking, eating and living as she follows the ancient practice of Oigong.  For those of you familiar with Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge, Cee is Chris’s partner.  A great site to check out.

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See you at the beach!


6 responses to “CBBH Photo Challenge: Framed

  1. Those are good strong shots! I do like framing things.

  2. Great selections! My favorite is the beach entrance

  3. Hello Surf Butler and welcome to the CBBH Photo Challenge for March.

    What a great selection of shots you have for us, though I think my favourite is the Linda Lane beach entrance as I am anticipating seeing the beach to surf at!

    Thanks for sharing links to two blogs you enjoy visiting. I’ll HOP over to them, right away!

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