Thursday Lingering Look at Windows: Week 7

Thursday Lingering Look at Windows: Week 7

Week 8 of Thursday Lingering Look at Windows. 

 I had the opportunity to visit a Historical Landmark in San Pedro California yesterday the Port Fermin Lighthouse. The Port Fermin Lighthouse sits a top a cliff that overlooks the Port of Los Angeles.  I was excited as all I could see was windows!  An obsession I have recently acquired.  


Construction on the lighthouse began in 1872, and in December 1874, the lighthouse shone its first beam of light out into the San Pedro Channel. After the events of Pearl Harbor, the light was extinguished, and the tower was used for military lookout purposes. The Point Fermin Chapter of the United States Lighthouse Society now cares for the lighthouse.

san pedro 030

Located on the southernmost point of Los Angeles, Point Fermin was chosen in 1872 as the site for construction of a lighthouse to aid in navigation for the rapidly growing commercial port in San Pedro Bay.

san pedro 033

The lighthouse is unique in that is has a distinctive Victorian design and charm about it. Still active today, the lighthouse is part of Point Fermin Park. 

san pedro 033

san pedro 031

The lighthouse Flashes every ten seconds.
san pedro 029

(backside of  Lighthouse)
The Lighthouse has tours three times a day.  Check out the schedule 
below bring a lunch and enjoy a great day at Port Fermin Lighthouse with your family.  Port Fermin Park has a playground, ocean view picnic tables for the whole family to enjoy!
Tour Schedule:

The lighthouse grounds and building are open for tours Tuesday through Sunday, 1 to 4 p.m.

See you at the beach!

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  1. Stunning photography my friend 🙂

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