Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

This week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge is : Forward

The Daily Post hosts a Weekly Photo Challenge where you can participate by posting photos weekly.  For this weeks challenge go here: Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward.

In a new post specifically created for this challenge, share a picture that says FORWARD to you.

Perhaps it’s a path you yourself have taken, the building where you’re starting a great new job, or the curve of your partner’s pregnant belly. It could be an image that shows a physical move, or something that evokes a major life change. We look forward (ha!) to your interpretations.

This past weekend we took a Road trip to Los Osos, Ca.  One of our favorite sites is Morro Rock in Morro Bay, Ca.. I took these photos as we drove to Morro Rock.  These photos suggest moving Forward in my interpretation of this weeks Photo Challenge.



day 1 afternoon road trip 022

day 1 afternoon road trip 020The amateur photographer in me cut off the very top of the Rock!  Just follow the road forward!

Morro Rock in Morro Bay, Ca.

Overlooking the Pacific Ocean on Highway 1, west of 101 stands a monolithic rock, a state park, a designated natural bird sanctuary and  Morro Bay estuary. Located on the shores of the Pacific along scenic Highway 1, Morro Bay was founded by Franklin Riley who built the first wharf and planted the eucalyptus forest to guard against the wind. The State Historic Landmark of Morro Rock, which towers 576 feet at the entrance to the harbor, was named by Juan Cabrillo during his voyage of discovery along the California  coast in 1542.

Great place to check out and visit .



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