3 Sure-fire Ways to Surf Better Today

3 Sure-fire Ways to Surf Better Today

S C SurfbutlerQuick Tips

S C Surf Butler
Quick Tips

Stand On Your Tail

Today’s surfboards are not designed for you to place your back foot anywhere but on the tail. With all the intricate vees and contours shapers are putting from the fins back, you’re doing yourself and your high performance board a disservice by having your back foot not over that part of their board.  Basically, that last eight inches of your board-directly over your cluster of fins- is the sweet spot.

Surf Through Your Hips.

Use your core to rip.  You shouldn’t be leading your turns with your arms; it looks ugly and has no substance behind it, meaning you’ll be surfing weak.  instead, focus on using your hips as a swivel point, the spray you’ll be chucking will speak volumes.

Be Patient

Take only what the wave offers you and wait for a proper  section to bash.  Tap into the flow of the wave and look down the line to see what it is going to do.  You’ll see a lot of guys try to force maneuvers into a section or spot that it doesn’t  fit into. Don’t force things. Let them come to you.

See you at the beach!

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One response to “3 Sure-fire Ways to Surf Better Today

  1. I’m all for apres ski so I’ll be apres surf too. 😆

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