Travel Theme: Shadows


Travel Theme: Shadows

In celebration of  Groundhog Day on February 2, 2013 the weekly Travel Theme is Shadows.

I was pretty excited when I found the following photos of shadows for this week’s  Travel Theme.  Here are my entries! 


This was taken at Linda Lane Beach in san Clemente, Ca.  I took the picture on shore for the view on the beach.  Notice that no one is there?  It was a week after Labor day.  The kids are back in school and the tourists have all gone home!


I never just take one!


This photo was taken at my Grandmas house in San Fernando Valley last August.  I was photographing my nieces cute butt, when she was not looking!

To get the weekly travel themes go here: Where’s my Backpack?


7 responses to “Travel Theme: Shadows

  1. You did a nice job with that one… 😉

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