Garrett McNamara Wave reached 111.5 feet.


Scientists from a Portuguese university say that the 2013 Nazaré wave by Garrett McNamara has reached 111.5 feet (34 meters).

The first analysis of the wave ridden by Garrett McNamara was made by researchers at the Faculty of Human Kinetics of the Technical University of Lisbon.

The initial measurement is believed to set the wave at 34 meters (111.5 feet), which would definitely improve the record set in November 2011.

These scientists have used a specific software that uses Garrett McNamara’s surfboard as a reference to the whole wave face. Back in 2011, the same approach has set the record wave at 101.7 feet (31 meters).

Controversy, lobbies and personal opinions will always be heating up the debate for two reasons: there is no perfect method of measuring waves and there aren’t 360-degree images and videos of the McNamara’s drop.

The Nazaré authorities have already asked a panel of international experts for an impartial judgment. What is almost sure is that Garrett McNamara will improve the Guinness World Record set in 2011, at 78 feet (23,7 meters).

I do not care what anybody says that is one monster wave!

See you at the beach!



6 responses to “Garrett McNamara Wave reached 111.5 feet.

  1. Picture is on our front newspaper here in Cape Town today, and i heard Greg Bertish being interviewed on the radio on McNamara’s awesome feat!! Hat’s off to him!

  2. I saw this picture the other day and thought, I’m not sure if I care about the record, what an awesome photo.

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