Weekly Photo Challenge: LOVE

January 25, 2013- Daily Post photo challenge: Weekly Photo Challenge: Love.

The Love of Annie and Sally

“Love, Love, Love.”  “I love you, you, and you. I love you, I love road trips, I love you!”  “I love Bacon!”

Meet Annie(big dog-older) and Sally(small dog-younger).  I love these photos of them .  They look like such well-behaved dogs when other dogs are around. They look like dogs that know the difference between excessive barking and someone approaching bark.  They look like dog park patrons.   Looks are deceiving, Annie and Sally don’t play with others and bark at the wind!  I wouldn’t trade Annie and Sally  for anything because they LOVE me.

  Got to go, “Annie, Sally!”  I love these photos of my dogs…Enjoy




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34 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: LOVE

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  2. Aw, adorable. I have a big and little pair too – what loves!

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