Special Photo Challenge: Inspiration

Special Photo Challenge- Inspiration

I get my inspiration at the beach.  This is the view I see when I am in my backyard in San Clemente, Ca..  At the beach!!

This next photo is a place where I also became inspired.  This sanctuary I  created with my best friend in his backyard in Dana Point, Ca..  In October of this year the house was sold, so this photo is an inspiration in itself!!

I am also inspired by the view in this road trip photo that I took  from the passenger seat.  This photo takes me away with a feeling of endless possibilities .

Inspiration is the view between my toes at the beach.

This photo taken from the cliff off Highway one looks over the Central coastline.  It is an inspiration of the abundance  and mystery that life has to offer. The ocean is huge and there is enough for everyone!!


15 responses to “Special Photo Challenge: Inspiration

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  2. I love the approach you used in your shots… Great backyard view. Lucky you! 🙂 TY for the ping-back. 😉

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