Top 10 Surf spots in Southern California

Top 10 Southern California Surf Spots

Southern California is home to some of the greatest and most surfed spots in the mainland USA.   So here is a top ten list of the best places to surf in  Southern California that stretches out to four Southern California counties ;  Ventura County, Los Angeles County, Orange County and San Diego County.

10. Malibu- A world-class right point  break in Los Angeles County.  This is one of the longest waves around, equipped with several points of take off that get a little punchier as you move further north.  The downside is the crowd, both in size and in lack of experience of some of the surfers  that frequent Malibu.  There is some surfing protocol required at this right point break.

9. 56 th Street Newport Beach On a good day is one of the best waves Newport has to offer.  There are other nearby streets that also have some great breaks including 36th and 40th street.  Locals are pretty friendly if you know what you are doing.

8. D-Street- This sandy beach break is located in Encinitas just north of Swamis in San Diego county.   D-Street offers both lefts and rights and is packed full of people and fun, especially in the summertime. People at this surf spot usually know how to surf so he crowds are not frustrating.

7.  Scripps- located in La Jolla right off the main pier.  There are three min breaks at Scripps and between the  three you have a nice selection of both rights and lefts.  The wave is fast and hollow with potential.  Ideal conditions require calm or offshore winds.

6.  Rincon- located north of Malibu in Ventura County.  This is another world renown break known for fun.  Breaks best in the winter months although there are still some good rides in the summer.  There are crowds, but the localism isn’t too bad.  You will have both lefts and rights as well as a pretty powerful wave that allows for some great rides.

5. The Wedge- One of the most powerful and exciting beach breaks in Newport and possibly all Southern California.  This wave i best with a South swell, and if t hits just right you will have a pretty impressive wave. A lot of boogie  boarding and body surfing go on there, but you will usually see a large amount of surfers charging the big hollow lefts that almost break on the sand.  This is definitely a break for the more experienced surfers, so don’t  go hopping in the water unless you know what you are doing.

4. Swamis- is a world-class surf spot located in San Diego County.  This right point break is usually best during winter months and holds up in the surf ranging from 2 to 12 plus feet.  The crowd is somewhat bearable but definitely not small especially when there is a swell.  The rights are perfect and the only downside is the group of grumpy old surfers who have been there so long, they think they own the place.  Other than that an amazing wave.

Salt Creek Surf      3. Salt Creek– is one of the cleanest and powerful lefts you will find in Orange County.   There are two main breaks that provide two quite different experiences.  The first is the Point a nice left with plenty of power and wave to allow for amazing maneuvers.  The other is known as Middles and is also a great hollow break closer to shore.  Occasionally the two breaks  connect  and provide a lengthy ride with plenty of speed.

blackssurf2     2. Blacks is known for  it’s canyon sets .  It is easily one of the best beach breaks that Southern California and San Diego County have to offer.   Blacks is equipped with three main peaks that provide for amazing waves with almost any swell direction.  This world-class break will pump out some amazing waves and barrels anywhere from 2 feet to pretty much as big as it gets out there.  It is not uncommon to pull in and out of some pretty epic barrels!

Trestles Surf       1. Trestles – S C Surf Butler’s backyard break comes in at number one. Home of a handful of professional surf contest including Boost Mobile Pro and other ASP events it is no wonder this spot is number one.  Trestles is made up of a number of breaks that provide surfing for pretty much any level.  This world-class renown spot is equipped with rocky bottom that provides some amazing right and left breaking waves.  If you have  ever surfed Southern California and have not taken the time to make it down to Trestles, than you really haven’t surfed Southern California at all.

See you at the beach!


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