S. C. Surfers look strong for 2013 World Tour


Today the best surfers in the” world,  arrived in Santa Cruz California for the penultimate event of the 2012 ASP World  Championship Tour (WCT) season, the O’ Neill Cold Water Classic at the iconic Steamer lane.

Steamer Lane is a staple of the ASP’s qualifying circuit, the O’ Neill Cold  Water Classic has been sanctioned at the elite level of competition this season celebrating the brands 60th year in operations.  This event plays a crucial role in  both the ASP World Title Race and the requalification campaigns of the world’s best surfers and could begin as early as tomorrow.

These athletes spend a year away from home, traveling to some of the most exotic surf breaks around he world;  testing their skills on big Tahitian barrels to perfect Trestles peaks.   The weather brings them the warm weather of Hawaii and the chilly, sharky surf in Santa Cruz, Ca..

Basically here is how it is decided by the Association of Surfing Professionals on who will make it to the list of top 34 surfers in the world.  The top 22 ranked surfers  on the (WCT) will get a spot along with the next top surfers ion the ASP World Ranking- those are points made up of WCT points combined with lower ranked star events ad Prime contests that can add up  points if surfers do well in those events.  There is also two  wild cards that make the cut.

With the O’ Neill Cold Water Classic in Santa Cruz beginning tomorrow, here is an update of how each of the San Clemente surfers are doing in the rankings, and how they have done so far this year.

 Young Kohole Adino is  in a strong spot.   This 18-year-old  surfer sits at 22nd among the top 34 .  He proves to be a strong surfer as he suffered an ankle injury and missed the Billabong  Pro Teahupoo ranking  22.   It was at the Quicksilver Pro France that he made it to the quarter  finals and scored ninth place at The Rip Curl Pro Portugal, not bad for his rookie year.   It”s  his 17th place on the World ranking that gives him a bit of insurance on making next years tour.

Another  south county surfer on the world tour , Pat Gudauskas of San Clemente, needs a good showing at the next few events to really make sure he grabs  spot in  2013.    He is just at the cusp of  world tour points with the  33 rd spot in rankings.   But fortunately he has  done well enough at Prime and 6 star events  that he comes to the 26 th spot on the world ranking.

Then there is Nate Yeomans who was able to sneak on the list, while becoming a first time father.  He has done well enough at events through the year to nab the 31st spot in the rankings, meaning if nothing changed he would make next years cut. 

 Andino and Guduaskas are gearing up to surf the frigid waters  of  Northern California for the O’Neill Cold Water Classic, with the waiting period Nov.1-11.

Things got interesting when Kelly Slater  11 time World champ was knocked out early at Supertubos.   He’s still ranked  second, behind Australia’s Joel Parkinson, but right behind Slater is Mike Fanning and a young hungry John John Florence.    The best surfers in the world are in Santa Cruz waiting to surf the infamous Steamer Lane.

See you at the beach!


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  1. You are really the go to expert! 🙂 thanks SC 🙂

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