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Sunday Post: Natural Resources

Sunday Post: Natural Resources

These photos are from a trip I took earlier this month to South Lake Tahoe, Ca.. The snow covered a trail along a path we walked, below is a stream where salmon laid their eggs, as it was upstream. We missed the salmon run by weeks! We even saw a bear looking for scraps! We had to turn and run, because of the dogs! That was pretty exciting!!


This is a picture that I took from our hotel room.   It was snowing on the top of the mountain that morning.


The ocean is another example of a natural resource. This is a aerial shot of 204’s in San Clemente, Ca.


This photo was taken on our recent road trip.  We drove a scenic route Highway 1 from Morro Bay to Monterey Ca..


See you at the beach!


Cees Fun Foto Challenge: Orange

I am participating in Cee’s Foto Challenge: Orange

I went through my photos  for the color orange and here is what I found:

This is a photo I took at The San Clemente Auto show this summer.



This is a photo that I took to give step by step instructions of a recipe for my son.


There you have it orange from my photos to share.  I am new at photography and I have to say I really enjoy these photo challenges.

Thanks for allowing me to participate !

Nicaragua’s Rising Surf Culture

Mapa división política de Centroamérica con ca...

Mapa división política de Centroamérica con capitales (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Central America is no secret to surfers.  Several Central American countries are famous for its surfing, but so far Nicaragua has yet drawn the same level of attention.   This is not due to its lack of surf sites, but rather to the limited information and knowledge of the area.  The surfers that do know the country and surf sites are very enthusiastic about the possibilities and it is not unlikely that Nicaragua will be recognized as a major surf destination in a few years.  Locals have only started to surf in the country some ten years ago, which is not long ago compared to other Central American countries.  It is estimated that there are 150  active Nicaraguan surfers.  Internationally Nicaragua is receiving more and more attention and more surf hotels and surf shops are being set up. A major contributing factor for this rise are the surf contests.

Map of Colorado, Nicaragua

At Colorado beach at Hacienda Iguana a place where jungle meets the sand, the visitors of Nicaragua had a first hand opportunity to see and be apart of a surf culture on the rise.  In July of this year Nicaragua hosted its first ISA (International surfing Association) World Masters Surfing Championship.  They welcomed 150 surfers from 26 countries to experience the world-class waves that Nicaragua has to offer.   Nicaragua proved to be an ideal partner for a successful event.

And these days, surfing and surfers have clout. Surfing’s reputation as a rich culture, a solid industry and vehicle for change is being recognized. So much so that days before the 2012 ISA World Masters began, ISA President Aguerre was invited to a historic meeting with Daniel Ortega, the President of Nicaragua. The pair discussed the history of surfing, its health and environmental benefits, and the impact it can have on a country.

Nicaragua is a year-round surf destination. Good waves can be found at many sites but some places can be better visited during certain parts of the year. As can be read above, the best swell is caused by tropical storms, which occur mostly during the rainy season. From April until November there are higher and steadier waves.

Many spots in southern Nicaragua are best at high tide, while others further north are better at lower and upcoming tides. Arguably the best wind direction is offshore, as it makes waves “stand up,” but few surfers would argue against a day with flat-calm winds and good waves. It is normally not possible to surf at any given time during the day, but in southern Nicaragua, however, the offshore Papagayo winds often make it possible to surf from sunrise to sunset.

Nicaragua possesses a couple of characteristics that make it an even unique surf destination.  In the South central part of the country Lake Nicaragua covers a surface of more than 3100 miles created a huge flat area where wind can constantly blow almost all year round.  As a consequence, the southern Pacific side of Nicaragua receives almost constant offshore winds.  The wind is known as the Papagayo Winds.

Here are some surf spots that benefit from the Papagayo winds 250 plus days a year.

boca WAVESs

FREIGHT TRAINS: Offshore sandbar left at the mouth of an estuary with 400m long rides when it connects up.  Barrels on the take off and gives way to rippable waves.  Breaks over an offshore sandbar, so the risks are low. Only accessible by boat.  Intermediate to advance.

azucar WAVES

Asuchillo Beach Break
Photo Courtesy: Surf Nicaragua

Asuchillo Beach Break:  Beautiful Beach with ample A-frame peaks.  and almond-shaped barrels . Works well at virtually any size. This break is perfect for a surf day with the family and those surfers less experienced.  They say, however it can challenge the best!  Best conditions for this break is offshore winds 250 plus days per year.

puntabonita WAVES

Photo Courtesy: Surf Nicaragua


Hemmies:   This wave is a hollow and FAST left point breaking over a shallow reef.  Shallow, rocky and heavy, but one of the best waves in all of Central America.  Best conditions: Offshore Papagayo winds created by Nicaragua’s lakes. Experienced surfers only on a big swell.

hermosa WAVES

Playa Hermosa
Photo Courtesy: Surf Nicaragua

Playa Hermosa: Two fun waves that break over reefs at low tide. It is said to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Central America.  Great wave for beginner and intermediate surfers and for those who want to work on their skills. It is a fun wave with multiple peaks.

indicators WAVES

Photo courtesy: Surf Nicaragua

Indicators:  Fun wave that breaks through low tide and can have fun rippable walls on a decent day.  Indicators shows when Freight Trains is “on!”

miramar WAVES

Punta Miramar
Photo Courtesy; Surf Nicaragua

Punta Miramar: A short  very hollow left break over a shallow reef.  This wave works best at 3 to 6 feet, but notice the wave above is triple overhead!!  Two fast sections, one on the take off and one inside.  Intermediate to Advance wave.

nics WAVES

Photo Courtesy: Surf Nicaragua 

FN’S:  This is a local secret spot.  It is said to be fast and hollow.  Paddle hard and hang on for a ride! Best conditions: 300 plus days of offshore winds!

See you at the beach!

Linda Lane
San Clemente, Ca
October 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful


This week’s photo challenge is Thankful.

I am thankful for living in a world that has breath taking ocean views.   

I am thankful for the open road that lies ahead of me.

Special Photo Challenge: Inspiration

Special Photo Challenge- Inspiration

I get my inspiration at the beach.  This is the view I see when I am in my backyard in San Clemente, Ca..  At the beach!!

This next photo is a place where I also became inspired.  This sanctuary I  created with my best friend in his backyard in Dana Point, Ca..  In October of this year the house was sold, so this photo is an inspiration in itself!!

I am also inspired by the view in this road trip photo that I took  from the passenger seat.  This photo takes me away with a feeling of endless possibilities .

Inspiration is the view between my toes at the beach.

This photo taken from the cliff off Highway one looks over the Central coastline.  It is an inspiration of the abundance  and mystery that life has to offer. The ocean is huge and there is enough for everyone!!