10 Most Dangerous Places in the World for Shark Attacks

10 Most Dangerous Places in the World for Shark Attacks

You might think that these waters would keep surfers away.

10.  Papua New Guinea–   49 shark attacks and 25 fatalities since 1925 off the Island of New Guinea’s  Eastern coastline.

9. South Carolina, USA  61 shark attacks and two fatalities since 1837 on this eastern Atlantic coastline.

8. Northern California, USA-   96 shark attacks and 7 fatalities since 1926 have occurred in California”s  Northern Pacific coastline. Between Point Reyes and Monterrey Bay  also known as “Red Triangle.”  Today there has been great white sightings as big as 14ft.

7.  Brazil:  101 attacks and 23 fatalities since 1931.  Most of these 89 attacks and 21 of 23 fatalities all occurred in  Recife a  tiny beach town .  One out of every three attacks in Recife are fatal.

6. Brevard County, Florida: Of the 71 attacks in the world in 2007 , 32 of them happened in Florida.  Florida has so many attacks that it warrants two spots on this list.   Keep reading.

5. Queensland, Australia: Since 1700 103 attacks and 38 fatalities have occurred off Queensland’s  eastern coast.

4. Hawaii:  113 attacks   have occurred off the island of Oahu and three fatalities off Maui since 1882.

3. New South Wales, Australia:  140 attacks and 61 fatalities since 1700 also have occurred off Australia’s eastern  state’s coastline.

2. South Africa:  214 attacks and 42 fatalities in the past 100 years.  This does not keep surfers away from South Africa’s waters.

1. Volusia County, Florida:  As we mentioned 214 of Florida’s attacks and 42 fatalities all happened in Volusia County Florida.

There you have it, the ten most dangerous places for shark attacks in the whole world!

See you at the beach!!


6 responses to “10 Most Dangerous Places in the World for Shark Attacks

  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog http://northcountytutoringcenter.com/ and thank you for your generosity.
    God bless you and bless your family

  2. Are you serious? Of the three beaches I swim at two made your list …1. Cocoa Beach (Brevard County) 2. Dayton Beach (Volusia County). I better stick to the gulf side. Thanks for the info.

  3. From a South African perspective… often the attacks are caused by folk who blatantly disobey common sense and logic. There are well know Great White breading grounds… folk dive, swim, fish, surf there… sometimes in murky water!

    There there’s the famous Zambezi shark… it enters rivers… same thing, folk cross in dirty water… asking for trouble!

    There are also know attacks where folk have gone out in small boats to catch the monsters… when the shark is longer than the boat it’s easy to know who’s going to win the fight!

    The old story holds true… I don’t welcome them into my bar so I don’t expect to go messing in their restaurant! 😉

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