Red Tide at a Glance

SC Surf Butler Beach Safety Tip
Red Tide

Red Tide has become a familiar sight here in San Clemente, Ca..Here are some need to know beach basics about Red Tide in our Southern California coastal waters.

Red Tide
San Clemente Pier
San Clemente, Ca


  •  Definition: A common name for a phenomenon caused by  algal blooms during which algae becomes so numerous that it discolors coastal waters red.
  • Causes: Major factors influencing red tide events; warm water surface temperatures, low salinity, high nutrient content, calm seas, rain followed by sunny days during the summer months.
  • How are Red Tides Harmful? The algal bloom may deplete oxygen in the waters and /or release toxins that may cause illness in humans and other animals.
  • One (1) Harmful Species  of he algal blooms in Pacific Waters is known as Alexandrium Cantella.  This species is harmful not deadly.

Red Tide
At night
San Clemente, CA


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