15 Habits of Great Writers

Day 15- SERVE

Great writers serve their audience.

A great writer is selfless.  He doesn’t look to his own needs.

A great writer is a servant.  If you are going to take your writing to the next level- to be truly great- you’re going to have to serve other people.


The Big Question.   ” What do I write about?”  The wrong answer is what you want to write about.   Now, this is tricky.  Every writer needs to write for herself first; that’s where your writing begins.  But it is not where it ends.   As Stephen King says,  Write the first draft with the door closed and the second draft with the door open.”

But how do we do the second draft?  How do we do the work that other people will see?

Serve your audience

Here are three ways to serve your audience in writing:

  1. Solve problems.  Not just any problems but the ones that people don’t know they have.  You need to know what your audience needs.
  2. Answer Questions. If you don’t know where to begin, look at questions you want answered.  Be observant.
  3. Help people.  Do favor without being asked.  Be generous.

The Challenge

Be generous and serve your audience.  Here are a few ideas pick one.

  • Do a giveaway of a product or service.
  • Conduct a survey
  • Write something important and give it away.
  • Answer all correspondence.

I will answer all correspondence.

It just so happens I have a comment from neighbor Linda!!  I have to hand it to neighbor Linda folks, she has been following my blog  religiously ever since I made her feel guilty.  Like I said in a previous  post I will get followers to my blog one by one if that is what it takes.



I did however sign up and create a twitter account.  Scsurfbutler@scsurfbutler.  I hope to make my first tweet today.  There is a lot to learn and do!  “Nothing is  easy!”  I am excited about  twitter.  It is going to be a great advertising tool for S C Surf Butler.  It will allow me to advertise and introduce myself to all that follow San Clemente, Dana Point, and Laguna Beach.  This will allow me to create an income on my site.    I also am creating an amazon e-store  right here on S C Surf Butler.  I am in the process of  reviewing merchandise that I want to sell.   I am ready to go to the next level with S C Surf Butler and make some introductions.   So, please  continue to follow my blog.  I have only just begun!!


I have met challenge 15 by offering my audience Twitter and Amazon.  These two new features allow me to introduce myself.   I am ready to reach the public on a whole different scale.  It is time to get this ball rolling.  I am ready to face the truth and put myself out there for review.

Get ready, and look for my next post.   S C Surf Butler is making some changes

See you at the beach!




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