15 Habits of Great Writers

Day 14-Brand

Great Writers know how to brand themselves.

A brand is exactly what it sounds like.  It’s an impression you leave on the customer or readers mind, a mental imprint. And we all have them.

You’ve likely heard some adage about the importance of first impressions, our culture is full of them. This is a form of branding the belief that people get an idea in their minds of our personalities based on an experience.

Sometimes the impression is accurate; sometimes it is not.  But is never the full picture of the person, because that’s impossible. The same is true of branding.  A brand is the simplest, most memorable part of yourself you can give.

You can either participate in what people think or not.  Either way you are going to be stuck with a brand.

The Challenge

Brand yourself. There are three elements of every brand that you need to pay attention to: Spend sometime today tightening up the each of these:

NAME: S C Surf butler


Underwater Leg
S C Surf Butler

VOICE: This is how you sound. It is your style and personal flair. as a communicator.

Voice is still in the developmental stage.  I pray to  the heavens for my god given writers voice on a daily basis.  Finding voice is in big bold letters on my kitchen wall.  I am constantly reminded to focus on voice.

S C Surf Butler speaks only of all things beach.   I like to see it as a South County Resource site.  I love the Beach Safety Tips at a glance posts. Local Favorites also represents S C Surf Butler as well as the Photo Gallery and Services pages.

This challenge was about branding.  My website S C surf Butler is branded with my underwater leg image.  The voice of S C surf Butler is in its blog posts beach safety at a glance .  The pages on my website are also an expression of S C Surf Butler’s voice.

My writing blog posts however need a new home.  They are misfits on my business site.   I need to find my writing voice.  This needs to be expressed on its own blog.    This is where my voice needs to be heard and critiqued by other writers.   I hide behind S C Surf Butler.  I am too scared to have my work critiqued by my peers.  I  am afraid to say that I am losing focus on the big picture.

   Voice is proving to be my biggest challenge as a writer.  Without voice I am dead in the water.    My present environment is a current distraction.  I am still adjusting to my roommate.   I also think that my personal life, the little that I allow has also been a factor.   I have nothing after six months of putting all I have into pursuing my life as a writer.   My confidence in my choice to pursue my passion slowly becomes less everyday.  I am not showing results that I need to succeed,  ” I am stuck like a rock.”      My neighbor Linda says that I am at a plateau, getting ready to go to the next level.   She always has the perfect answer to every obstacle that I have encountered.

I feel  inadequate in my attempts in finding my voice.  I even have that feeling in my stomach that is very uncomfortable.  I feel like I am fooling myself and everyone else that I can be whatever I want to be, even a writer.  I  want to literally cry at this very present moment.  I want to throw my laptop across the room and have a tantrum.  I want to give up.  I feel defeated as a writer.

My perseverance is proving to be resilient.   I will push harder and keep focused regardless of my environment issues with kid roommate or loneliness.   I may be fooling myself in my writing pursuit, but  the bottom line is, ” I have got nothing to lose.”   I have been writing a lot about what I have to do.   It’s time I just start writing and my voice will come.

See you at the beach!


2 responses to “Brand

  1. You have a voice! I hear it every time I read your blogs. So, maybe your blogs are in the wrong spot. That does not mean you don’t have a voice. Put your blogs out there, let them be critiqued by your peers, let them hear your voice. You might be surprised at what they say.

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