15 Habits of Great Writers

Great Writers Publish . 

Day 13 -Publish

Great writers are great not because of talent, but because of one crucial ingredient that the rest of us lack: Perseverance

They know how to stick things through-to push hard and achieve a goal and move on to the next project.

Mostly, though they understand that until they publish their work, until other eyeballs are on it , it might as well be invisible.

The amateur approach

The amateur does not understand this.  We struggle with this discipline of sharing our work.  All because of the potent enemy of fear.

We are afraid of failure, success, responsibility, expectation, rejection, misunderstanding and more.  So, we sabotage ourselves. Hiding from the limelight is more comfortable than actually doing the work that needs attention.

The Challenge

Today we are going to publish something. Anything really.  Whatever you do don’t play it safe.  Go for broke.  Stop hiding and start writing for real.

  • The manuscript in dresser chore
  • The article you think about writing.
  • The e-book you have been stalling

Don’t squander this opportunity. You won’t have another chance like it.  Suspend your doubt for a day and ship something you are scared of.  The good news is this is not something you have to wait on.

“Lord.”  The first thought in my mind.  ” Do I have anything to ship?”

I do not have a completed manuscript in my dresser chore or an e-book on the back burner.  I do however have lots of articles I have thought about writing.  In fact as I was typing the last sentence a new article prompt just came to mind.  I get article prompts throughout my day.  Prompts spark topics that never receive the charge they deserve.  The amateur approach is filling my head with all the familiar thoughts of failure.  I am wondering do I even have what it takes to get published?  Do I throw in the towel ?  Am I living in a fantasy world?  Is it too late in life for me to have a passion and make it happen?  Is writing a dream that only comes alive in my sleep?  Does my family and friends think I am nuts?  Do I have to succumb to the reality that I will have to get a full-time job and be miserable for the next twenty plus years?   Is this website/blog just a fad ?  “Lord!”   I am feeling defeated and inadequate.

I am sure my family and friends think that it was a nice try, but you are not a great writer. My mom came by yesterday and said “Are you looking for a job?”  You “will get a job?”   It is just her way of telling me, you are never going to become a writer.  She ended with her usual ” You are a smart girl.”   She means well but it is hurtful that she does not see my potential as a writer.  My dad who is a published author never says anything, but probably thinks that my chance to become a writer was passed up years ago.   My siblings complement my website and do not even recognize my writing pursuit.   My friends do not understand.  With all that off my chest.  I will write.

” I have a dream”

I feel a little better after reading comments by other participants in this challenge.  They too have yet to complete previous challenges.  There are a lot of inadequate feelings expressed in the comments by my fellow aspiring writers.  So, I keep on pursuing my writing because , ” What else do I have to do?”   I am having the time of my life.  From the very beginning I said, ” It would be more of a tragedy if I did not try at all!”

Some article ideas stay with me, like ” Dead Kid Walking”.   I have had  this novel turn short story article on my mind for  a few years now.  I think I have many drafts that never made it past the first paragraph. “Dead Kid Walking ”  came from the movie “Dead Man Walking”  a Sean Penn movie.  I want to write an article about a teenage boy who is sentenced to death for killing students and teachers at the local High School.  I want the  article to strike a cord that there are consequences.   To  get help and talk to parents as dorky as it sounds.  To get parents to recognize their teens behavior changes and confront them immediately.   To get teachers to also be more aware of their students and any mood changes that are peculiar.   I want the article to take responsibility for these troubled teens. It is all our responsibility to recognize the signs .

My goal this week is to write a draft of “Dead Kid Walking.”

See you at the beach!!


2 responses to “Publish

  1. So quit talking about it and write dead kid walking. I can’t wait to read it. And since i am your proof reader that means I am the first one to read it (whoo-hoo).

    • Now my loyal follower has a comment. Right when I think I am writing to no where land my one and only follower calls me on my challenge!! You are right again Linda! I will have a rough draft for you to edit soon.Happy 4th of July.

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