Bikinis and Anklets

S C Surf Butler Anklet
Courtesy Erin Lynch
Third Eye

Update 15 Habits of Great Writers Challenge

I am sure you have noticed that I have not posted a challenge since Day 11,  over a  week ago. This is because Day 12 has been a personal struggle from all angles to complete. Day 12 is Provoke. The challenge asks us to write something provocative, risky , to tell the ugly truth, make a confession you get the idea. Well I have been working on this challenge all week everyday to no avail. I want this post to be well executed as I am telling the ugly truth. I am a very private person. This post is a personal challenge that will ultimately give me peace as I surrender my past and welcome my future with each choice I make.  I hope to complete today.

Check out my anklet, courtesy Erin Lynch(sons girlfriend) of the Third Eye.   She nailed it!! Thanks again Erin!!

Underwater Leg
S C Surf Butler

S C Surf Butler
Courtesy of Erin Lynch
Third Eye

I almost forgot!! Check out my ten plus bikinis!! I have one for each day!! It is so much fun!! I have always wanted to have a new bikini to wear everyday. I finally made it happen. My continued daily bike exercises and workout have made this possible!!  Update… ” Day 33 are you talking to me!?”

See you at the Beach!!


A Bikini A Day
S C Surf Butler


2 responses to “Bikinis and Anklets

  1. Love all the bikinis too!

  2. The anklet looks great on your beautiful tanned skinned!

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