June 20, 2012

I want to give an update on my 15 Habits of Great Writers Challenge. My last entry is Day 8 Build. I struggled with Day 8 Build challenge; to finish something. Thirty minutes or less to finish something led me to write about my friend. I published the post because I really have nothing to finish in thirty minutes or less. I needed to break down my projects further as the challenge noted. I finished my WIP research on location and setting. It really only took 30 minutes.

Day 9-Connect and Day 10- These two challenges are all about Social Networking. Both of these habits ask you to network and interact with others either online or in person .   I do not see the importance of making friends and taking them to coffee .   I am just going to write a great novel, that sells itself. I am thinking big and positive as I repeat in my mind;  ” I am a good writer.” Maybe later down the road, I will see differently and be ready to connect and share.   By the way  ” Who is they?”

15 Habits of Great Writers


Great Writers declutter their surroundings and their writing.

There is a lot of junk that gets in the way of good writing. And it must be killed. Get rid of it. Totally annihilate it.

If you are going to write clean. You must get rid of the clutter.

There are two important actions you must take in order to do this:

Clean workspace– Before you can do the work of creating, you got to clear off the desk and get your stuff in order. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but the mess isn’t helping you. It is not contributing to the creative process. And you have to stop behind it.

Get rid of non-essentials- This is about the actual writing here. Erase all the lazy words and phrases, which fluff up your writing add nothing to the content.

The Challenge– To declutter today in every sense o f the word-( Lord!)

  1. Clean up the workspace– spend five to thirty minutes, no more.
  2. Cut your writing down to the purest essence.-Turn 500 to 250. Take everything but exactly what you want to say. Eliminate weak, lazy words like that and things.

“All rightly then.” Cleaning my workspace. It is a good day because I have three new boards to fill. My son and his girlfriend gave me a desk size whiteboard/bulletin board. I love the dry erase! It writes and erases just like that! I also received a bigger size Rip Curl to be exact white erase board from my friend. I need a thicker dry erase marker, and tacks as far as my tools. My desk needs to be wiped down, and books, clipboards, loose papers need to be organized.

Right before I started this challenge, I was fiddling with my small board to sit up on window pane then directly to my desk. Both attempts failed. I became a little teretes,! I have been easily distracted or frustrated a little more this past week because of my out of sorts workspace. I have thoughts that need to be written and posted immediately and could not. I have three new work boards that are unused due to my laziness in making room to be productive, and I do not have proper supplies to use my new boards. ” Always Something!”

Today is the day to make room. Today I will organize my space. Today I will declutter my workspace. Today everything is different. Today I believe I can fly.





Mission completed.   It was nice this morning, all my tools were working and in their right place.   I always feel light flexible compared to a heavy weight on my shoulders.  The same thing when I wash my car.  This challenge has made it clear that I need a bigger workspace.   Thirty minutes of tool time is all I need.   I believe I have formed that habit.

The second challenge, I found another incomplete work in progress The Creepy Motel– This is a short story piece from a writing prompt.  I had two completed pages originally.


See you at the beach


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