15 habits of Great Writers

Day Seven 7-Start

Great Writers Start Ugly

Every product you create, every book  you write, every project that we undertake, there is one crucial action you must remember: Make it ugly first.

Before   it can be beautiful, before it looks like it does in your head, it will first have to be thrown together and messy.  As writers ( artists) every time we endeavor to create,  we will have a choice; first to make it ugly or not make it at all.  There is nothing else.

When we choose to start with ugly, we do the following:

  1. We actually create something.
  2. We grow, we learn what works and what doesn’t.
  3. We get the chance to make it better.

This is the hardest part of creating anything, but also the most important; starting.

The challenge:  Make something ugly .  And leave it ugly. (temporarily).   Be okay withe it. Then we are to share it with a few people we trust and look for feedback.     Find stuff you can improve and slowly move it towards beautiful.

                                                                            Writer : collection and set of books Stock Photo

Writer : Chapter one typewitten on a vintage paper starting a story or novel concept.Writer : 3d man standing with colorful blog text

I am currently writing my first draft of my work in progress WIP.   Chapter One was written and completed last night.  The day I sat down to write I struggled with each word to complete a sentence, with each  sentence  to complete a paragraph, and with each paragraph to complete chapter one.   Chapter One is as ugly as it gets.   Ugly is right.   It is going to get even more ugly as I write and complete each remaining chapter.  Chapter One stepped up to the plate, took every hit head on for chapter two.   Chapter two has been informed to write,  editing is not an option.   This habit is groundbreaking for me as a writer.    I choose to make it ugly.   I choose, keyword to suck up the ugly phase, because like I have said many times before, “I got nothing to lose.”    This is my first rodeo and it is ugly.

Writer : word

My website was launched a month ago. It was one ugly site.  Today my website looks great.   Each trial and error became hands down my success.  I have to say the ugly stage is unavoidable .  The ugly phase is a necessary nuisance.   It is crisis and chaos at its worst.   Ugly is a parasite.  It lives off our first draft or launch and can not be detected in the beginning.   It is very crucial to not only create something ugly, but to endure the torture of criticism.  I keep pushing, it continues to be unreasonable, still pushing, then finally it is complete.   Then we start all over again and create.


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