Fifteen Habits of Great Writers

Day SixSteal

 Great Artists and Writers Steal

Tells us to stop trying to be so original.  Your genius is hiding in someone else’s ideas, someone else’s project.   We are so consumed with being creative that we are neglecting the first rule of creativity.

Just Create something.

Stealing basics, ” Good artists copy. Great artists steal. ” Picasso

A good writer curates.  Scooping up all the little pieces of inspiration around us, putting it all together in a hodgepodge mosaic that makes something new.  Sometimes we do not realize that we do this, we all do.  Great artists borrow from other artists.  They meld together pieces of the chaotic mess we call life, and end up with a whole new creation.

The Challenge–  Today we are going to steal.   Find our a quote or a painting or some form of inspiration and steal it.  Make it your own.  Give it credit, where’s it due.  But do not be afraid to use it.  Let someone else’s work springboard you into your own.

Give up on the pursuit of originality and genius and just find something that inspires you.  Borrow from friends and heroes and mix it all together into something that looks, feels and sounds like you.   This is all art is piecing together random pieces that you  eventually have something original.

I have to be honest with you guys,  I do not understand this habit’s challenge.  I understand the habit as described, but I am not familiar with this practice.  I am not able to get a complete understanding, of the importance or practicing of stealing another one’s  idea.  I basically have never taken from someone voice, style or content and made it mine.   I am stuck like a rock.   My lack of stealing for inspiration is keeping me from fully understanding this challenge.

Not to avoid the challenge in it’s entirety,  I included the above quote by Benjamin Franklin.   So, without knowing, I too have stolen someone else’s work as I have always been able to relate to his message.  It is an inspiration piece that I fuse in my daily writing exercises.    A  simple message in simple terms.  It does stay in the back of my mind, when I begin and end my day.  It helps me to keep my focus on my writing throughout the day.

I will give you an update on my WIP (work in progress).  I have been waking up early everyday this week to write my first draft.  I actually began to write my novel.  I started from the beginning and have Chapter one almost completed.   I am writing this draft just like they say, do not edit until novel is completed.  So, I am ignoring typos, undeveloped ideas, characters and or scenes and writing through to the end.

Exercise does a body good

Today will be the seventeenth day in a row that I have ridden my stationary bike for twenty minutes at thirty-five mph.  That is vigorous cycling til the end.   I rode it before but never on a daily basis.   The first seven days in a row are vital.  Once day seven is completed, noticeable changes occurred.  That is all I needed to get me going strong on day seventeen.   I am getting a waistline back.    Looking Good and feeling good all day long.  “Somebody Stop Me.”

See you at the beach


2 responses to “Steal

  1. You forgot to credit your neighbor Linda with helping you understand what it means to steal thoughts and/or ideas from another “nothings easy”.

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