15 habits of Great Writers

Day Five- Prepare

Great Writers Prepare for big projects.

You have something you want to share with the world.  This could be anything from a first draft novel, a play, poem or even a website with blog posts to launch.   But, for some reason you are stalling.  There is a difference between putting things off and preparing.  Today we prepare and move our big projects forward.

Real preparation You know you are preparing when:

  • You are getting better everyday
  • People keep asking when are you going to publish “X?”
  • You are building momentum

So, let’s say you are not preparing to launch something big and you want to. Here is what you need to do:

  • Ship something. Anything.  It doesn’t matter how bad it is, just put it out there.
  • Get feedback. E-books or articles ideas or even a book proposal, ask readers, friends, family to proofread something you are working on.
  • Make it better. Trust your heart and intuition, but apply some of the feedback received.
  • Repeat until the project is ready to launch.

This is how anything works in the digital landscape. In a world where technology gives you unlimited chances of successes.  Ship  tweak, Ship and tweak.

The Challenge

Ship it. See 1- Putt something out there, anything.  Don’t wait move something forward.  You do not need to know everything, just  the next step.  If it is a big project, you don’t need to finish it, just part of it.  Just do something.

Then tell us about it.  Comment with this community and get feedback.  The challenge is to quit stalling and get moving. Because the work you do is practice,for the next thing, preparation for tomorrow.

O.K.,  moving right along to day five prepare.  The day I launched this website/blog, I was excited and horrified hands down.  My excitement was when I googled scsurfbutler the next morning and my site came up!  I did it! I actually was able to design and code my website all by myself and make it live.   It was a lot of work and endless hours of trial and error.  But my god, I launched Sc Surf Butler to get my income ball rolling on schedule.   Then, I went a step further and opened up my vulnerable world of writing/blog posts to my family and friends and anyone else in the world to read.

I am having a blast regardless of my itsy, bitsy following!! “Thanks Linda, you rock!”  I love taking this challenge,it keeps me focused as I am moving right along.  I need to get my website and blog to the next level.  Social Media needs to move my business to actually generate  an income.  Facebook, Twitter, yes son,  I am now ready to bust out into  the social media world of marketing.   That is how I am preparing for my tomorrow.  I am creating a twitter account for scsurfbutler.  From what I hear, it is a good place to get my scsurfbutler business services advertised.  A place where I can talk or tweet to other business owners about my services.  It sounds like a place where I can trade, barter or make deals all day long.   Generating income can not be ignored, this is where I  address the social media.  I will have a twitter account by my next post.  Did I mention that it takes every bit I got to keep my focus?   This ain’t no disco, this ain’t no fooling around!!  This is just nuts, but I have nothing to lose!!

I am now going to create my twitter account,  I hope this is easy!!

See you at the beach!


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