15 Habits of Great Writers

Day FourPractice

Real Writers Practice

Real Writers show up everyday and make a presence.  They show up without excuse or complaint ( well maybe a little) but they write.  This is the work of a professional.

They practice in public.  In other words they perform.  This is no rehearsal, they go to work and get stuff done.  Writing is no different.  Time to stop, talking, writing, sharing about writing, and just write, today. Tomorrow another day..

The Challenge– We are asked to practice in public.  We need to show up and put our work out there.  It is time to step up to the plate. Examples: pitch a magazine article, ask a friend or stranger to guest blog, post on own blog something no one has read..

Well, practice, practice, practice is what I have been doing this past four months.  Until I launched this website on May 19, 2012, I practiced in private.  I commented on a few blog posts,  have my favorite go to sites for writers, and even have  a work in progress (WIP) with plot, detailed characters, conflict, research, main character still am indecisive have two approaches that I am playing with, need more background research, all behind my closed files.

This is my first public appearance.  I have taken this challenge public on my website blog posts.   I am normally a very private person, family included with every aspect of my life.  I decided what I wanted others to know, and that was not much.   At this very present moment in my life, ” It is all different.”  Now, I am playing with the “big boys.”   The “Big Boy’s” all are present upstage.

O.K ,  so I do not have a following. My family and friends all took one look and never have gone back.   Just last night I was giving my neighbors a hard time that they do not go to my website everyday to see what’s up.   Just today at my nephew’s baptismal  lunch,  I spoke with my family all of them and asked the same thing.  I mean every single one of them works at a computer at least eight hours a day, except my mom. ” “Mom, you are excused”  I know my mom would be a loyal follower.   So, right from the get go I failed to keep my close friends and family wanting to come back  for more.  I need to hook them all and slowly reel them in one by one .   Let me tell you, every time I hit publish,  it is  like coming up from a three wave hold down, gasping for air.  I come up, catch my breath and practice some more.Writing : Writing on a white laptot

Just like the great writers,  I will continue to write on my public stage.  Practice does not make perfect any more, so they say.   Practice forms habits.  But most importantly failures become successes everyday I choose to show up.

So, I will continue my posts with this challenge for the public to  view.  I will  improve my content.  I will write great content.  I will practice,  and they will   come.               Writing_book :   open magic book with stars

See you at the beach,



3 responses to “Practice

  1. OK Shannon, you got me. I will do my best to be a true friend and loyal follower.

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