15 Habits of Great Writers

Day Three Initiate

A Great Writer Takes Initiative.

Today we start writing.   Today is all different.  It is time to start again.  Everyday, we have a decision to start or stop the things worth doing.  To continue building habits that make us more of our truer self,  or to break the ones that we have been doing for a while.

As it turns out, this is all life is: subtle, gradual habit-forming.  Becoming who we are through the things we do or don’t do.

The Challenge

Choose yourself.  Look in the mirror and say: “You I pick you.” This is where we need to face our confidence issues as writers.  We need to face, admit to the our struggles that keep us from taking initiative .  Today it ends.   Our challenge is to start something that scares us.  Today we begin..

Self-Discipline  “A person without decision of character can never be said to belong to himself. He belongs to whatever can make captive of him.”  PLATO

Plato’s  definition of   self-discipline  has been taped to my front door for  the past five years.  Self Discipline is my plight to bear.   It is the fear of starting something I can not finish. The fear of breaking my  habits . Fear of  success.       Self discipline is a powerful choice  that can not fail if one has a focus  and strong will to write  like no other .    It is a conscious choice , decision, an intent that separates the Great from the not so great.   This is the place where we  all strive to be.  This is the place of higher consciousness that fuels our creativity and imagination. This is the place where we write effortlessly..

So, I begin to focus on writing.  My days begin and end with writing.  I write freely in the morning, and write pages in the afternoon, and my stories into the night.  I focus on my wall to avoid an unforeseen fall.


So today,  I  am breaking my old  habits . Today I  take initiative. Today  I am a great writer in training with nothing to lose.”     Let me give you another phrase for this;  ” I am a writer busting a move.”

“It  is better to have tried and failed then to have never tried at all.

This is my  favorite Dana Point, Ca  backyard view


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