15  Habits of Great Writers

Day Two-Believe

Great Writers Believe in themselves

Belief is something you can feel, touch, taste are one thing.  Faith is another.  In order to succeed we need to believe that we are writers-to our deepest core.  The part of us that we are scared to share to the world.   We need to trust in something we can not see.

The challenge:  How do we turn something like belief into action? We don’t.  ” I am  writer.”    We must dwell on the fact that we are writers.  Some meditate, some write , just do whatever it takes to believe you are a writer.   Wake up two hours earlier tomorrow and write.


” I am writer.”    I have been living a life of a writer since February of this year.   I have never looked back.    I have been meditating , “I am a writer, I am good writer,” forever,  still do to this day.  I am living,  a mad writers life full throttle.     There are times when  I literally think that there is not enough time in the day to take in all the resources available to writers.   I breathe, eat, and sleep ” I am a writer.” and I am going to write an epic for all generations to read.”

I believe I am a good writer.  I know that practice makes perfect,. So I  practice every waking hour of everyday to share with the world my stories.   I become better everyday with victories and struggles.   I  made a commitment to master my gifts no matter the cost.   The lonely writers club is only a downfall, a curse or deal breaker for those who have not declared themselves as a writer with something to believe in.   The writer who believes in himself is never lonely.  A writer becomes aware of a presence that is like no other. ” You know!”

See you at the beach!


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