I am taking an online writing class with Jeff Goins .   The course is called 15 Habits of Great Writers.  Everyday for the next 15 days he introduce a new word and challenge.

Writer : Woman's hands on a notebook keyboard close up - typing

Day one-Declare

The challenge is to declare myself a writer to someone who will question my decision.   I write , therefor I am a writer.  Every writer on their journey makes a declaration.  The challenge for today is to   declare myself a writer to an individual who will question my declaration.

Writer : Success Story written on an old typewriter


I declared myself as a writer to my mother.  I love my mother, love her, but sometimes this being one of them, she questions my integrity .   I was not a least bit surprised, when she asked if I have a publisher and  outline  prepared to pitch.    My mother identifies only published authors as writers.  I did not allow my mother’s lack of knowledge to discourage my declaration .  I did not care that my mother thinks that I am nuts.  I for the first time in a long time was able to get her attention as I declared myself a writer with confidence.  My mother , then said ”  I know you are smart girl go home and write.”   Today is the first day of the rest of my life as a writer.

See you at the beach,


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