Sun protection at a glance

Here is what you really need to know when purchasing sun protection for you and your family.


                        Sunscreen vs. Sunblock-  Whats the difference?

Sunscreen– soaks into the skin and absorbs the suns ultra violet (UV) rays before they damage the skin.

Sunblock– sits  top of the skin and reflects or physically blocks the Sun (UV) rays before they reach the skin.
Remember when you were young and your dad put that white zinc on your nose and cheeks?
Well, that is sunblock!

The ‘ A ‘ in UVA is for ageing.
The ‘ B ‘ is for burning.


SPF means Sun Protection Factor against UVB rays( used for sunscreens).
UPF means Ultra Violet Protection Factor against UVA and UVP rays (used for clothing).

The SPF Formula: SPF x Time to burn without protection= Time to burn w/ protection.
It takes ten minutes for your skin to burn without sunscreen, and SPF 15 product will give you
150 minutes in the sun before you burn.

Sun  protection at a glance, see you at the beach!


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