Let me tell you, “Nothing is Easy!” but, I have to say,” it’s not too bad!?” It’s amazing! It will have to do right now, because web design for the very first time is time-consuming, confusing, and exhausting!! I am limp on the sand. I am breathing in and out slowly coming to a steady pulse. My arms extended out, surrendering to code. That’s another word for upgrade. There is just so much more to learn, but ” what else do I have to do?” I mean that is how I got here in the first place.

Now that I have a better understanding of the functions and capabilities of the website, I can focus on my writing skills. I have created a platform to attract an audience. “Are you talking to me?” Yes, I have come to be quite determined lately, again my website! “I did that!” It took a lot of time, handwork, time, perseverance, and time . I struggled, screamed , cried out in vain with my fists in the air begging for a vowel on a daily basis. I had to look up and read the word breathe so I would inhale and exhale. Slowly I would clear my head and focus. Did I ever tell you , “nothing is easy?” Well nothing is easy, but everything is worth it. That is what they say in all the books, work hard for what you want and it will come. I have but only made a dent in my life’s purpose, but it is a start. Now, I can write my epic for all generations to read!!

Exhausting, I’m going to the beach!!


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